Simply an inspiration

Shirley Zinn's rise from the Cape Flats to Harvard in the United States, to South African Executive, is simply a motivational inspiration.

Last night I had the privilege of attending her talk as she walked us through her personal and professional story of her struggles, her successes and ultimately her rise to the magnificent example she is today.

Thought her trials and tribulations she has come out a true rock star.

Shirley's dream is to change the face of education in South Africa and encourages everyone to live by the philosophy of continuous learning in the many ways it may come into your life. Whether it be through hands on work, formal education or simply reading.

Professor Shirley Zinn's book will inspire many, especially people of South Africa. Anyone who has, at times, doubted their own abilities, who think certain things are only there for a chosen few, or may have been told they are useless, will never account to anything. People who have been raised or are being raised in disadvantaged areas and those from more affluent. Others without an education, without hope, or who have lost their ambition in life and those who have made a success out of what they have.

This will inspire us to become more than we are, to take that next step to which fear has held us hostage . It will motivate exhilarate and encourage all of us to remind ourselves that everything is possible if we are prepared to take that next first step. There is no growth in the comfort zone, there is no comfort in the growth zone, and my own true belief is that miracles happen in the panic zone.

Take courage, this book is for you and I urge anyone who feels life is against them, to read Professor Shirley Zinn's Biography "Swimming Upstream" available at CNA.

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