"See what fantastic results can be achieved when everyone plays optimally to their Strengths"







How do I Introduce a Strengths Programme into my company?

Teaming up with other Professional Strength Coaches through WITH I am able to offer fully comprehensive Strengths Facilitation Programmes which includes:

  • Understanding 'Rules of Engagement' through Interdependence and why this is paramount to optimising both staff, customers and the working environment. Teaching 'Rules of Engagement' through  'Confident Vulnerability' has life changing consequences as it is a tool for life in any environment with the focus is on living 'Interdependence' as the key to healthier environments - choosing this over 'Dependence', 'Co-Dependence' & 'Independence'.

  • Working with staff to understand how to  leverage their strengths and mitigate their weaknesses allowing them to re-engage in their work environments for optimal performance becoming an energy asset for themselves, others and the company.  

Offering Strengths Leadership & Business Coaching as a power tool for senior leaders and employees in all organisations.

Individual Sessions Available.

I work with motivated individuals and teams to achieve an interdependent environment where everyone plays optimally to their Strengths. This means synergising our Strengths, allowing others to bring their Strengths, to compliment for our non-strengths. No one can be good at everything, yet we are energised and optimised when we are 'planted in the right soil' and nurture what we are naturally great at. 

  • A full dive into the 34 Strengths including what our strengths need to perform at their best, the 'triggers' of our strengths and how & what our strengths need to contribute optimally.

  • Understanding the WHY? of toxicity in work-places and reduce negative experiences, create understanding and, in turn, assist with long-term strategies for lasting transformation

“You are unique. There is a 1 in 476.trillion chance of anyone having the same top 10 Strengths in the same order as yours."

  • Accelerate your ROI through a Strengths Business Facilitation Programme.  It is results-driven and facilitates performance by enhancing and un-tapping positive potential, which in turn naturally promotes staff engagement and a positive drive towards people, relationships & the working environment as a whole. 


For any programme to be sustainable, one has to have buy in from everyone. This is part of 'interdependent' thinking. We work on getting the foundational principles in place and building on these with a collaborative, non-judgemental, accepting approach to mindset.

What is Strengths Recruitment & how can it assist my Business?

The standard recruitment process is not working - "80% of people globally are unhappy in their work"

My success has been in seeing the intrinsic motivators (our 12-15 talents & strengths) of people and working forwards from there. The standard approach of recruitment over the years has been to employ a person through their qualifications, competencies and experience, and very little focus has been put on how we are naturally wired.  However, have you ever wondered if these competent people are actually happy in their work? We're actually our happiest, highest, healthiest selves when we work in our 'Strengths Zone' - 'planting the right person in the right soil'. Here we are motivated through our Intrinsic-Identity©.

In organisations we begin with an informal 'Strengths Spotting Interview' asking questions relevant to the environment, role and the types of people one enjoys working around. The company conducts their standard 'competency' interview as usual. Once you have narrowed your choice based on your own feedback and that of the Strengths Coach, we will access the individual Strengths Report. This gives insight into how the person naturally thinks, feels and behaves and is a clue to the environments and roles. 

We charge a 20% placement fee of the total cost to company and offer a thirty minute Coaching Session in the first three (3) months of the placement to ensure communication between the new employee and the company is going well.

Read Sally Bibb's White Paper on Strength Based Recruitment here