Hi I’m Sam McDonald,


Certified Strengths Coach


Coaching starts with the desire to change. It begins with you, yet ends with focus away from self into understanding what value you bring to others. Measurements change from economics to People, Purpose and then Profit. This is the way of the future and if you are ready to embrace a new trajectory you have found a worthy Coach in me. 



I'll be there to model interdependence with and for you, encourage and see the real you, and ultimately for you to understand that when you put the purpose of your life first, and understand how you can create impact in the lives of others, you have the opportunity to live your truth with fulfilment, creativity and energy. Why is this important?

I have a mantra -  'your cross to bear is your gift to share' - which throws light on your continued journey.  You may be stuck in seeing your cross as a bind, something that has continuously held you back. However, you'll know you are ready for coaching when you are ready to change your narrative around this and are ready to create a new story, a new identity for your life and for yourself where you begin to focus outwardly. You'll be ready to give up the the shadow person you have been hiding behind. If you allow it, your cross can become your greatest asset.


Without realising it, this has been your life's training. This is the best investment in education the world has given you, because nobody knows your story, your journey, and the resilience gained from this, quite like you do and what it takes to overcome these things better than you do, because no one has walked your path in quite the same manner as you have. 



I work with a select number of clients, motivated individuals, who have a desire to self actualise. I walk a journey with you of self-discovery through unlocking your Strengths and dedicating myself to you over a period of time to understand your goals, dreams, desires and to unlock your uniqueness, bringing you my focussed attention. This is to give you access to the support of a challenging partner who is not afraid to ask you tough questions and futurise together to reach your full potential. We will walk a journey of uncovering your intrinsic motivators, those things that energise you and have you reaching for your next goal with passion and enthusiasm. 



My journey has been a rocky one, yet I am gifted with believing everything is possible and that means everything is possible for you too. If I can achieve significant things, this means we can because we're all gifted with Strengths.  So what are you dreaming of? What would you be doing if everything was possible? If  judgement was replaced with acceptance, who would you really like to be and what impact would you like to have? 


This is where we will start, by setting your 'wildly ambitious goals' - these are about stepping into that person who you can feel at your very core. 


If you are prepared to put in the effort and are ready to self actualise i'm ready to work with you. 


So lets begin and unlock your Strengths. I'll send you a link to your online assessment and a questionnaire to start.



I'm here to tell the Youth to live with the mantra of "everything is possible" 


I am a Mother of four and we have been a Strengths Family for over 5 years. I understand that in order to give a child the best start in life, we have to begin early which is why I founded WITH - an organisation with a big dream to bring Strengths and 'Interdependent Rules of Engagement' Programmes into Education, Business, Families, Non-Profits and Communities and Individuals.


Having traversed a rocky path in my foundational years, unsure as to a suitable career for myself, living an uncertain future, I have compassion for people facing challenges in their own lives, but what is most important to me, and what I feel is important to address early on in life, is working with teenagers, to enable them to see where their top Strengths may inform the roles and environments where they will thrive and be happy and most fulfilled in their future and careers. 


I believe all children should know who they are through their Strengths and advocate a Strengths Education early in life. Having been demoted into my own incompetence at work in my formative years, I realise how important it is to find work you love and were born to do. Life is too short to live an unhappy life, especially when we have the tools and dedicated people to help change this and my soft spot is with the Youth.



Strengths & Interdependent Rules of Engagement becomes a 'Language of Understanding' to reduce conflict and build long-lasting accepting relationships, without judgement, where we engage with positive intent.

Knowing your Strengths is a life changing experience.


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