Would you trust a fearful Coach?

How does one Coach people on facing limiting beliefs and fears if you yourself are not, as a Coach, facing yours?

Ive never really been a fearful person as a rule but have to admit as I get older I question more before I act, less inclined to take the risks I did as a youngster. Yet if you really think about it, nothing has changed, accept age. Maybe someone could point out physiological changes or hormonal maybe, degenerational change one doesn't care to think about.

Fearing Failure

Recently when taking a practical exam I wondered why my heart started to race, booming through my chest. I suddenly felt out of control, losing sight of my objective. The same happened when my son, who recently passed his learners, announced he wanted to drive us home. The final straw was booking our overseas family holiday the same day Paris was taken hostage by terrorists. Held hostage by fear, I asked myself "do we put our trip on hold?", but how could we, what example would this be setting to my children? Life after all is about taking a series of risks. The greater the risks, the greater the challenge. The benefits? The greater the sense of achievement and rewards.

How to face our fears

Tired of this feeling I had of fear, my extreme challenge to myself yesterday, moving me into my stretch zone, surprisingly not into my panic zone, was to jump out of a Cessna at 9000 Ft. My first parachute jump ever which was terrifyingly awesome. It has to be the most exhilarating experience I've ever had, next to swimming with Hippos and Crocodiles in the Olifants river in South Africa as a youngster. As my son drove us home, I thought to myself "I did it". Crazy, yet amazing, surreal.

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We're travelling to six countries soon, via Paris, a trip into unfamiliar territory which will leave us with life long family memories, a dream come true. Besides the bonding with our children, this is an example for our children to continue to explore all the world has to offer them and push boundries, reaping great rewards.

As your Coach, I understand very clearly how risk feels like you're dropping 9000ft for the very first time, but from experience I can tell you the rewards are immeasurable and you'll live to tell the tale, even coming up for breath to ask "that was awesome, what's next".

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