Is technology liberating your life?

Freedom to do what you love ...

Has technology become a liability or is it liberating your life?

My husband recognised this principle many years ago when he became the reseller of an amazing innovative business system which not only has powerful tools that significantly refine the way you do business, but also allows you much freedom. It is an internet based system which effectively allows you to work from any place where there's connectivity. This has meant when it suits him, he can work from home. When its school holidays he can bring his work with him, by simply slipping his MacBook into his suitcase. He now has the choice to work on an airline with connectivity and has saved himself over two years of his life, by choosing not to sit in traffic. His calls, which more often than not, are group calls, are throughout the globe. Group business meetings are over Skype, sometimes for a couple of hours at a time, and one can occasionally multitask, by working and listen simultaneously.

How much more time could you spend with your loved ones?

I coach people from various parts of the world and technology has certainly liberated my life, for all the reasons above and more. The additional time I have for myself and my family is priceless. When life affords me the opportunity to travel, I can choose to take my work with me, and life carries on as usual, excepting I may be sitting on a sunny tropical beach or on top of a mountain, when i'm finished my working day, enjoying the beauty of the world.

There are huge volumes of people using Skype technology to keep in touch with friends and family across the globe on a social level, but have you ever thought of what a life changer this could be in your working life? I use Skype and, on some occasions, a voip phone, as well as Whatsapp. However, what I have found most interesting is how some of my clients have not thought of using this technology in their professional lives. If you think about it, as an insurance salesman for instance, you could be meeting with people, face-to-face, and never leave your lounge. As a software developer, you could do the same. There are many professions these days that could offer you this flexibility which in turn may afford you the following and more:

  • More time to spend together as a family - our children's time with us is short

  • More free time to holiday, exercise, sleep, do hobbies, spend in your garden

  • Cost savings on petrol

  • Tax benefits working from your home office

  • Less stressful environment

In order for you to explore your own freedom, I'm challenging you to think of how you would like to change your life. What things could you be doing instead of sitting in traffic? What would you do with the hours you could save from your daily commute? Which destination would you like to work from if you had the freedom to choose?

Virtual Coaching

If you are interested to try a set of 6-12 coaching sessions * this could allow you the time to explore the answer to these questions and much more. We'll look at ways in which you could create more freedom, not only for yourself but also with your friends and family. We'll work towards achieving your goals and on top of it, look at ideas which will transition you to using technology as a liberating mechanism. Imagine still getting paid and your online in Mauritius?

Many of our customers have seen the benefits of using technology once they have actually experienced it for themselves and felt the tremendous benefits. How about you? Click here and add 'Freedom to do what you love' in the headline of your email

* reduced rates for sessions taken in 2015 only

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